CREATING floral MAGIC . . . 

Photo Credit By Amanda Matilda Photography
nothing expresses emotion like flowers

The fact that they rise from but a seed to bloom into such a vast array of ruffly-petaled flowers is truly a miracle of creation, much like the meeting of two hearts.

Little Green Truck Floral is a small-scale flower farm and full-service floral designer. From the carefully curated palette of locally-grown blooms, to sourcing the most robust, beautiful and uniquely "you" floral elements, we revel in the opportunity to make your wedding flower visions come to fruition. We pride ourselves in being guided by Colorado's four distinctly different seasons and find that a foraged branch or handful of foliage found near your venue can truly take your flowers and make them one-of-a-kind . . .unique to you, your relationship and the love your share.

We find we tend to design in a naturally-inspired, loose, lush and flowing style -- following the natural bends and curves of branches, stems and petals. We also find that staying true to the seasonality of flowers results in stunning, unique creations that truly highlight the very best of our beautiful, fleeting seasons. We would be honored with the opportunity to create a series of beautiful moments for you throughout your special day.